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A little note from BESS Service

Having to say goodbye to all the lovely volunteers who help to keep the Empowerment family going was one of the most difficult times i’ve experienced while working for the BESS service. In fact it was heartbreaking.

Every week we host various social groups that provide meaningful connections not only for those members of the public who attend but the volunteers too. As with most community venues across the country we took advice from the Government and closed our doors to work from home. This meaning we could no longer hold our social groups or welcome guests.

I spent a few days thinking of creative ways we can still stay connected and had seen many random acts of kindness coming through various social media platforms. But how can we do this locally, for people in Blackpool and still stay ‘socially distant’ (a word I will never like!).

The answer – videoconferencing.

After a few hours of research and contacting all of the volunteers with instructions I waited for Friday morning to come about with excitement and some anxiety having never used this platform before myself. By 10:10am we had nine online visitors! A success!

I’m not going to say we didn’t have some tech issues as some could not log in for various reasons but we did have enough people to enjoy an hour of conversation about exercise, crosswords, work, Covid-19 and we even got to meet two dogs Tess and Rosie, as well as Alfie the cat.

With more support to those who couldn’t log in and distributing some table devices to those with no tech at all I have made it my mission to have all 18 volunteers online by next week.

Please get in touch if you would like to be apart of the BESS Coffee Morning and check our social media for regular updates – we would love to meet you.



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