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A Note from Jamie-Lee, Time To Change Hub Coordinator at Empowerment

These are difficult times for everyone and I wanted to share some ways I cope in difficult times.  As I do find it very easy sometimes to get lost in thinking too much and then find it hard to take action or make decisions.   

In times of uncertainty I think it’s important to stay focused and create your own certainty in a daily routine. Look at all the things you do have control of and work with those things.

  1. Make a schedule if it helps and if you have kids get them to make one with you too.  Set a time to get up in the morning and when to go to bed. Try to see things as just a new way of doing things for a while.
  2. Connect with people whether it’s by phone sending out postcards if you can. Video call where you can – you don’t realize how important it is to see people face to face till you are confronted with not being able to do it.
  3. Connect with neighbors by writing a message of encouragement in your own window or chalk messages on the pavement.

There is great Technique known as the 5 second rule (By Mel Robins a motivational speaker) I swear it has helped me so many times, especially in the morning when I don’t want to get up. I now try not to think about it I count down from 5-1 and jump out of bed or talking to large groups of people I can count down and just go for it.

If you notice you are feeling negative, disassociating or despairing do the 54321 technique. Count backwards from 5 to 1 then for each number assign 5 things to a list around you that you can touch or see.

What’s the purpose of that??  It will immediately bring you to the present moment. For example:

4 think of four compliments to yourself or things you are proud of, even if that’s only that you got out of you PJs at 11am.

3 think of three people that you are going to reach out to.

2 think of two things that you are going to learn in the next day or two. For me it was how to use that camera I’ve had for years and how to use the timer on the boiler properly.

1 To say this one thing to yourself “right now I am ok and when I have a positive attitude everything just feels better”

For more information on the Blackpool Time To Change Hub and help us to spread the positive vibes please connect with us on Facebook.



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