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This year at Empowerment on the 7thof February, we hosted our first ever Time to Talk Day event. A free breakfast partnered with good company and freebies? It was a success! The breakfast event welcomed people from the Empowerment family, the community and other agencies to have an open and honest conversation around mental health in the workplace.

Hosted by one of our Time to Change Champions, the event included a hearty breakfast, activities that simulated how everybody can react to stressful situations differently, a quiz and a good bag filled with treats and useful tools for people to be more mental health aware. The event only lasted for three hours, but people deal with their mental health for a lifetime.

One in four people experience issues with their mental health and as a Time to Change organisation, we aim to ensure that everyone who walks through our doors can talk about whatever issues they are experiencing without fear of being judged or facing stigma. As humans, we are complex.

There is no manual on how we should feel or how we should act, so there should be no shame in admitting that sometimes we struggle. So, we at Empowerment challenge YOU reading this to be more mental health aware to friends, families, colleagues and anybody else you come into contact with. Need tips on how to do so? Our door is always open.



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