Neurodiversity refers to developmental disabilities as being a part of human neurological variation, and that the individual is valued as any other person.

Another way to see it for example is; someone who is dyscalculic and to take away dyscalculia is to take away from the person.

PANDA is part of the Blackpool Advocacy Hub and led by volunteers. We are empowering people with personal experience of neurodivergent discrimination and inaccessibility, which gives them the opportunities to use their knowledge to advocate for other people accessing the PANDA service. PANDA falls under Blackpool Advocacy Hub’s non-statutory service (Motivate2). The PANDA project has chosen areas where there is unmet needs and people are saying that they require advocacy but there is no one to support them to have their voices heard. Meeting unmet needs through MOTIVATE2 is something we do throughout the project.

PANDA helps support neurodiverse individuals who are:

  • Struggling to access getting a diagnosis
  • Feeling unheard during their diagnosis process
  • Seeking a diagnosis but never been formally diagnosed with another disability before
  • Unsure on what their rights are
  • Having difficulty with finding post-diagnosis support

The PANDA volunteer advocate will walk the journey alongside the person that they are supporting and they will be guided by how much support the person would like.

Having someone in your corner is an empowering tool when you are trying to get your voice heard, this can be just being in the meetings and assessments and not saying anything but could also be the volunteer advocate saying the views and wishes of the person. This is led by the person that is being supported. 

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do you yourself have a neurodiverse disability?

Do you want to raise awareness of inaccessibilites and discrimination disabled people face and offer empowering support?

If you would like to become a volunteer advocate for Motivate2’s new PANDA Project, Please contact Ethan or Georgina on 0300 323 0251 or alternatively Email:

Meet The PANDA Team

Ethan Walker

I started working at empowerment back in May 2021. I am an administration apprentice at Blackpool Advocacy Hub. Being neurodivergent myself, I am passionate about raising awareness of inaccessibilities neurodiverse individuals face. Most importantly bringing about acceptance and positive change in the community. The PANDA project was born from my own personal experiences with the neuro-developmental diagnosis pathway. I want to give back to those who may perhaps be going through a stressful time during the diagnostic process of neurodiverse disabilities. As well as providing post diagnosis support in the form of a calm and safe support group.

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