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As my time at Empowerment comes to an end, I thought it would be a great idea to reflect on my time and explain how it has assisted me into becoming the person I am today.

Before commencing on my journey at Empowerment, I was studying business and finance at college. I instantly knew while studying at college it was not the correct environment for me. It also in my opinion capped my potential for gaining more practical experience. Despite my initial thoughts I continued at college for around 6 months, by that time I made the decision to follow the apprenticeship route as I knew it would be a lot more beneficial for me.

Whilst browsing apprenticeships my mind was set on going into a business role. After further reflection and some input from my mum I decided to broaden my options and investigate an apprenticeship at, The DEN. Initially I was hesitant to apply, after further inspection on information about the DEN, it became clear to me that this role would be well suited to me because of all the experience I had gained from scouting. From this point onwards I was full of joy and excitement to embark on what, to this point has been the adventure of a lifetime.

When I first arrived at Empowerment, I was a very shy young person that lacked confidence in many areas. I did however have lots of passion, some transferable skills, and a willingness to learn new things. At The DEN we always had a saying “you either sink or swim” and that was evident from the beginning when I was encouraged to do things I had never had to do before. Before I knew it, I was facilitating groups and planning summer provisions for the children and young people that were supported by The DEN. I also Facilitated the Recovery Toolkit Programme for children and young people who had historically experienced domestic abuse to improve their self-esteem and resilience in a positive and interactive way. This programme was followed by a residential for these children and young people. My ability to engage with young people and be child-led in my practices has also grown throughout my role. I gave every young person the ability to speak about what they believed in and give their views and opinions on how their programme should be ran. This helped me to influence my plans for their sessions and summer activities,

I have decided to move onto my next challenge and complete a degree. However, due to only having a limited amount of UCAS points I am unable to get into higher education via the traditional routes. This means that I must complete an intensive Fastrack course to achieve the entry requirements for university.

Without the support I got from every member of Empowerment I would not have matured into the young woman that I am today. I have a newfound sense of pride and confidence in myself and my abilities that enables me to try new things and try again even when I fail.

I would like to thank every person that has been involved in my journey so far.



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