MOTIVATE 2 is a volunteer advocacy project that is empowering people with personal experience of mental health and/or complex needs and giving them the opportunity to use their knowledge to advocate for other people accessing the advocacy services. The volunteers within MOTIVATE 2 are able to draw from their own experiences to allow them to support the people who need advocacy support.

The project has chosen areas where there is an unmet need and people are saying that they require advocacy but there is no one to support them to have their voices heard.

The areas that the project are currently supporting people with are:

Are you an Informal Patient at The Harbour?
Are you a Blackpool Resident and…

  • A parent who has Mental Health, Learning Disabilities or Complex Needs, who have children under child protection proceedings?
  • Thinking about raising a complaint with Social Services?
  • Living with a Mental Health Condition and struggling to access Health and Social Care Services?

With all forms of advocacy, the volunteer will be walking the journey alongside the person that they are supporting and they will be guided by how much support the person would like. Having someone in your corner is an empowering tool when you are trying to get your voice heard, this can be just being in the meetings and not saying anything but could also be the volunteer advocate saying the views and wishes of the person. This is led by the person that is being supported. 

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