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LGBT History Month takes place every February and Empowerment is delighted to support it. The huge contributions that people from the LGBT community have made to bettering our society are at last beginning to be recognised. One has only to think of Alan Turing whose contribution to the cracking of the Enigma Code was pivotal to the Allied victory in the Second World War. However, as we know Turing experienced dreadful bigotry and discrimination because he was gay.

Here at Empowerment we believe that each person has unique potential, but so often in life, we face barriers to achieving that potential. Blatant bigotry and discrimination against people from the LGBT community should be a thing of the past, but we know that it isn’t. Empowerment stands alongside all people in the LGBT community who face injustice every day just because of who they are. We are here to make sure your voice is heard and your rights as a human being are respected.

During this month, I would also like to celebrate the amazing contribution LGBT people make to the life and work of Empowerment. I am proud to say that we have several staff and volunteers from the LGBT community, their contribution to our work is outstanding… long may it continue.

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