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The BESS knitting group have been busy making bands that help to ease the friction of elastic from the PPE masks issued to NHS staff.

The group, who usually meet every Wednesday at Empowerment, have been busy calling each other and comparing crochet patterns and styles to support those key workers looking for comfort during long shifts.

The ‘scrub hub’ Facebook group have had regular call out for these bands and so far the knitters have managed to contribute over 50 to local health care workers.

So how do you make one of the comfort bands?

To crochet you will need:

  1. One ball of wool will make approx. 40 bands
  2. One crochet hook size approx. 4mm
  3. Two buttons per band
  4. Thread and needle

This method is worked in two long rounds:

  1. Chain 17
  2. Double crochet into second chain from hook
  3. Double crochet into each chain until the end
  4. One chain
  5. Two double crochet into the end stitch
  6. Work one double crochet into each stitch on the opposite side
  7. Slip stitch into the first stitch of the previous round
  8. One chain
  9. Two double crochet into the same stitch
  10. Work one double crochet into each stitch all the way around again
  11. Slip stitch into the first stitch of the previous round
  12. Fasten off
  13. Sew a button onto the ends of the bands



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