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Today is International Women’s Day and we at Empowerment are passionate about helping women in our area through all of our services. The women’s Lived Experience Team (LET) is a fairly new team of ladies and they want to share their stories this IWD 2021!


Becky says:

“With this day upon us again it is time to reflect on the achievements of women around us in our community and appreciate the developing charities within this town. Blackpool’s Empowerment Charity has a passion for finding equality and advocate for positive life changes. After this last year, being connected is more important than ever and us women have definitely stepped up to the challenge’s life has thrown our way. Generally, us ladies like to muddle through life juggling a myriad of tasks whilst also thinking of others and often forgetting about ourselves. During the pandemic more women found the bravery to seek help services and I believe this to be a big victory. Asking for a helping hand from these charities can feel extremely shameful because essentially it feels like admitting to not coping, but here comes the truth ladies, asking for support does not mean you are failing. True heroism can be shown through vulnerability and that is a lesson some of us are still trying to grasp. Mistakes in life are unavoidable but growing from those mistakes is a choice that makes us fierce females!  Choosing a healthy mindset can cultivate the opportunity to lead others in the same direction. The volunteers at Empowerment have all lived or are living experiences which they have gained insight from. This organization encourages each individual to use their ability and knowledge to continue helping themselves whilst motivating the people around them. Finding a voice within you emerges from finding self-worth and so it is paramount that we look introspectively and discover who we are with the assistance of Empowerment. Together we can identify who we are when we are not being a mother, daughter, sister, wife, girlfriend, auntie, niece, grandmother, friend, teacher, carers.  Its paramount within these local groups to create a safe space and environment to uplift others and practice non-judgement towards our peers.  It is our mission as resilient women to challenge the systems, guide others towards the road to recovery and respectfully lead the way into a healthier future for all.”

Another volunteer with the LET team, Shaz, says:

“The LET team is a fantastic group of ladies who are supportive, inspiring and unique. All with individual life changes, issues and been let down, initially with services in adult, child, social care. Women need to be heard, listened to and not judged. Unfortunately at times we are ostricized also made to feel inadequate, useless, failed.

As a new member I am so happy to have this amazing opportunity to use my voice within other services and provide unique support without judgement and I am treated equally. Each woman deserves to have their voice heard and understood, not pushed aside or mis-portrayed.

I am so truly grateful to everyone within this team. I’ve gained a lot of trust and respect and not been afraid to say how I feel or voice my opinion.

Thankyou to each and everyone especially Sophie and Jodie for the support”



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