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Happy New Year to all Empowerment’s friends and followers. I always feel excited at this time of the year (which is not always popular with some people) about the new possibilities that the year ahead provides us with. Empowerment will continue in its mission to transform itself into a truly ‘people led’ organisation committed to serving our communities living and working in Blackpool.

We will also be starting new projects such as ‘PEER 4 U’, thanks to the ‘Building Connections Fund’ which will be a mentoring and befriending project for people with Multiple Complex Needs. We will also be changing part of our fantastic Empowerment Base so that it becomes a welcoming space for children and young people affected by domestic abuse.

Speaking of the Empowerment Base, in 2018 we made great strides in opening up our ‘Base’ as ‘welcoming space’ for local people to meet together from a diverse range of communities. We hope that this momentum will gather apace in 2019 until it really is a seven day a week vibrant hub of activity.

We will also be busy driving up the quality of our services, fresh from being awarded ISO 9001, work will begin shortly on the ‘Advocacy Quality Performance Mark’ and the SafeLives ‘Leading Lights’ Accreditation.

However, we will achieve none of this if we don’t continue to drive forward our mission to make Empowerment a great place to work and volunteer. Central to all of our plans is having a highly motivated team of people passionately dedicated to improving the lives of the people in our town. Achieving this in 2019 is essential!!



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