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Hello, I’m Beth the Project Coordinator here at Healthwatch Blackpool.

I am still in early days of my new role here as Coordinator, but goodness the pandemic has certainly added new challenges.

The purpose of my blog is to share updates from Healthwatch Blackpool and include some of the things that I am particularly finding helpful in order to get through day to day. Working differently has certainly taken its toll and it has been a challenge to keep motivated.

As you can imagine, we are all learning together in light of the Covid-19 pressures. Healthwatch Blackpool have made some decisions to work remotely and paused planned face to face engagements at this time.

The most important thing for our team of staff and volunteers is that we are clear that our health and safety matters. We have been working together to juggle home life, schooling and work. We have been supporting the Blackpool Council Corona Kindness Initiative and have endeavored to provide our community with good quality information and advice.

The heart-warming responses we have seen in the Blackpool Community have been wonderful. The videos we are seeing of the ‘Clap for our carers’ has been a lovely show of appreciation and it makes me proud to work in our town.

Our volunteers have been fantastic in supporting the community response to Coronavirus and are calling residents weekly. We are all in this together and the team work has been second to none.

Although I am Queen of ‘doing 100 things at once’, I have certainly had a new test in light of Covid-19. The current situation has taught me a few things:

  • It is OK to feel overwhelmed

Normal working patterns aren’t always possible whilst working from home. This is a new situation and we are all in the same boat.

  • Routine is helpful

Getting up and getting ready certainly makes a massive difference to my productivity and mental health. No PJs whilst working from home for me. Having a designated lunch time away from the computer also helps my productivity.

  • Pick up the phone

Staying connected with colleagues, volunteers and friends has been helpful. The topic of conversation has certainly been different, but speaking, connecting and being there for one another has been really helpful.

There is a ream of excellent documents online to support wellbeing, in particular this one from Mind:

I would like to end my blog by letting you know that we are all in this together and it is OK for things to feel difficult. Reach out, support is available.

I would like to remind our community that Healthwatch Blackpool is still operational and matters more than ever. With a fast moving response to Covid-19, real time intelligence about the issues our community are facing is valuable. Have your say and get in touch!

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