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A note from Diana Evans Blackpool Advocacy Hub Manager

During the Coronavirus outbreak my team have been working around the clock to ensure that all of the people who currently receive Advocacy (and those on the waiting list) will still continue to receive support.

The first strand of Advocacy we can provide full guidance on at this moment is Relevant Persons Representative’s (RPR’s). There is no changes to Deprivation of Librerty (DoLS) in the Coronavirus 2020 Act so in effect it is business as usual except that we can’t visit people in the homes.

To overcome this obstacle our team members have collated a list of Blackpool care homes we visit daily to find out if they have the ability to video conference with the people who use our service. We will be continuing to make appointments and ensuring extra time is allocated to these so we can talk to staff and answer any additional questions we may have at this time.

We have created a checklist for carrying out conference or telephone consultations with care homes. It is essential to us that even if the person we support does not normally communicate with us we are still given the opportunity to preferably see them via the video conferencing system. This is to visually assess any changes in appearance or verbal displays that may lead to further action such as requesting a review, 21a through the court of protection or safeguarding.

At this difficult time Advocacy is needed more than ever to support the most vulnerable in society to ensure they get their voice heard. My team WILL continue to support local Blackpool residents through the Coronavirus outbreak.

If you have any question please contact the Blackpool Advocacy Hub on: 0300 323 0251



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