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Empowerment celebrates its 1st Anniversary of paying the Real Living Wage

Justice is one of Empowerment’s new core values, it underpins everything we do and what we aspire to. The 23rd May 2020 marks our first anniversary of being accredited as a Real Living Wage Employer, something we are really proud of. The Real Living Wage is the only wage rate which is based on living costs. It is higher than the Minimum Wage (for under 25’s) and the National Living Wage (for over 25’s) and can be paid to anyone over 18. The current rate is £9.30 per hour.

Empowerment is a small charity dedicated to serving people in Blackpool and the Fylde, and we have very limited funds, therefore the decision to pay the Real Living Wage was a big one for us. However, values mean nothing unless we are prepared to put them into practice, and this is what we have done. We also recognise our responsibility to making Blackpool a fairer place to live and paying our staff (most of whom live in Blackpool) a just wage will make a small contribution to bringing that about.

We know that Empowerment still has a long way to go before the value of Justice is reflected throughout our organisation, but our decision to pay the Real Living Wage is a big step in that direction. What’s more; all of the staff who are paid the Real Living Wage at Empowerment have stayed with us over the last year, retaining our best staff is crucial to Empowerment’s future. It keeps all their experience and skills within the organisation and saves us having to pay out recruitment costs.

We would encourage any other employers whether big or small to consider paying the Real Living Wage, it might be a tough decision but the right one. If you want to find out more, please click here:



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