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Empowerment Update- As we enter our second National Lockdown…
So, as we all know as from 5th November 2020, England will be in another National Lockdown. This is obviously a very worrying time for many people, not just living in fear of Covid, but also real fears of loneliness, social isolation, domestic abuse and worsening mental health. We are in need of human connection, and when we are denied the opportunity to meet with others, those we know and love then it is really, really hard.
Here at Empowerment we have reflected on what our response should be to this new lockdown, and for us it will be business as usual! We will continue to keep our staff and volunteers safe, we will abide by all the Covid guidelines, but… we will not abandon the people we work alongside. All of our services will continue to provide essential support to our most vulnerable (valuable) people here in Blackpool and the Fylde Coast. We will provide this support remotely and face to face when it is safe to do so. Our building will remain open for support but will just be for individuals and by appointment only.
The next few weeks will be very difficult at times but Empowerment’s commitment to kindness, justice and equality for all remains as strong as ever and we will get through this, together!



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