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Happy New Year to everyone from Empowerment! Having written that I know that for a lot of us the New Year has been marked by more fear and insecurity as we are now in our third lockdown. This is such a worrying time although we know that with the vaccines there is now hope. Here at Empowerment we recognise that for the vulnerable people we work alongside, lockdowns can make them even more vulnerable.

Therefore, for this latest lockdown we will continue providing our vital support to hundreds of children, young people and adults each week. We will continue to use a range of means to provide support be it virtual, phone or face to face when it is essential to do so. We will not be abandoning the people we serve.

If you feel we can help please do check us out on or ring us on 0300 032 032 100

There are better days ahead, but until then, Empowerment will continue to be by your side.



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