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Let’s not pretend otherwise, for many people in Blackpool and the Fylde Coast these are extremely anxious and worrying times for others this may well be a time of mourning and loss. However, as Empowerment’s CEO I take very seriously my responsibility to be a person of hope in a time of uncertainty, it is moments like this when compassionate yet decisive leadership is required.

For me this crisis caused by a global pandemic also represents a great opportunity for us to think and act in creative and different ways. Underpinning this is our passion to deliver on Empowerment’s brand new vision:

‘To work alongside people in Blackpool and the Fylde Coast who feel they have no voice and are not listened to; so that they are empowered to bring about real and positive change to their own lives and the lives of others’

We will deliver this vision with the values of:

Kindness, Justice and Equality

Acting with Kindness…. What has struck me most over the last couple of weeks is that the Empowerment family has come together to support each other, show kindness and pick each other up during the sad times, even though we have all been in separate rooms physically far part from each other. The way our people have responded calmly and assuredly to these new ways of working has been incredible.

Working for Justice… Empowerment people are passionate about tackling injustice wherever they see it. At the moment they are driven by that passion to support so many vulnerable people who have just become even more vulnerable. We will not compromise on the human rights of Blackpool’s most marginalised people.

Working towards Equality… Not one person should be treated less equally than another during this time. Next week the Empowerment Base will become a Community Delivery Hub for people living in Bispham and Ingthorpe. Working in partnership with others this will demonstrate our commitment to ensuring no one goes in need of the most basic necessities in life, the journey towards equality for all must not stop; no matter the circumstances.

All these things together show that the Empowerment family is bringing hope to many people. As we say about Empowerment people,

‘We don’t give up on people, especially when those people have given up on themselves’

Finally, this is a time for us to come together. Stupid and pointless competition and rivalry has to be left behind… it doesn’t help anyone. We will work with anyone who shares our values and our commitment to working alongside the most vulnerable in our society, so let’s talk!

When we get through to the other side of this (which we will), there will no doubt sadness tinged with relief and joy. What I really hope though, is that many people will know for sure, that when they were experiencing their most difficult and testing times, we were there for them. That should be our legacy.

If you are in need of support please call the Empowerment Team on: 0300 32 32 100



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