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Empowerment’s Advocate Emma Fox talks about Advocacy during the Pandemic

Empowerment’s vision is to work alongside people in Blackpool and the Fylde Coast who feel they have no voice and are not listened to; so that they are empowered to bring about real and positive change to their own lives and the lives of others.

Independent Advocates are there to support those in our community that are currently under services and are legally deprived of their liberty.  Our role as an independent advocate is to support these people to have their views listened to, their rights upheld, and to make sure they are treated fairly by these services.

Empowerment’s vision and how we work as independent advocates go hand in hand, as we are able to help provide a voice for those who feel they are not being heard by the services that are there to help them. We are able to provide them with a voice in order to help bring positive change to their care while they are deprived of their liberty.

As a new starter at Empowerment working as an Independent Advocate, I have gained so much insight into what we do and how this has a positive impact for those we are able to help.

  • We have been able to make peoples stays in care homes, that little bit homelier by being able to coordinate objects from their homes and clothes to be brought to them.
  • We have been able to help people voice their opinions on their care plans and treatments by helping to explain what would help make this more effective for them to get better.
  • We are there to support people in meetings so their views and wishes can be expressed and considered by professionals who are making the decisions.
  • We can act as a trustworthy point of contact for those who may not trust the services they are under.
  • And sometimes we are just a familiar face to have a chat to and a safe space to let us know how they feel.

During lockdown, we have learnt to adapt (very quickly!) to holding meetings and visits over the phone and skype.  But, we are now very much looking forward to being able to go back out into the community and visit our clients.



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