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The cricket team that promotes women to support more women!

When Empowerment heard about the incredible story of the Blackpool Women’s Cricket team, we couldn’t ignore the opportunity to support them.

Formed in 2016 the team train (and still do) at Blackpool Cricket Club Stanley Park on softball tournaments as well as competing in T20 and 40 over hard ball games. Women and girls attend with all different abilities and backgrounds to socialise, get fitter and play a bit of cricket. Through this sport the women have made meaningful connections even when they weren’t winning.

Caroline Blundell team manager says:

In previous years we managed to get to finals day at T20’s but struggled to compete against other stronger teams in the 40 over games. However, last season it all came down to the last game and was in the balance – whoever won the game won the league. We lost the game but it was incredible how far the girls had come! They showed grit, determination and resilience and during last season some of the girls from our team were celebrated by Lancashire County Cricket Club for outstanding performances. We are all very proud.

When Empowerment heard about this group of inspirational women we wanted to support their efforts. Bringing women together in a safe environment where they can learn from each other definitely sits with our values of working towards equality for everyone.

Most people associate the sport with men but this group of ladies who started off ‘just for fun’ are now recognised and respected within the cricket community in Blackpool.

How will we support them? Empowerment are offering an opportunity for all of the people who use our services as well as the local community a one day tester session with the team. We hope to time this with the last few activities of the Mayoral year and celebrate this year with Amy Cross.

We have also sponsored their kit this year and hope to have more fundraising opportunities and create more social events for the community such as coffee mornings and volunteer opportunities.

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