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Ethan Walker, Motivate 2 Project Apprentice, has created two poems around advocacy and the local community in a creative and fun way.

Do Cats Do Administration?

  A peak through his eyes shows the glimmer of hope waiting  to emerge from the marmalade ocean. The squawking birds who stomp above, steal the groceries daily.

Power up! Empower up! Is this what humans do? Helping, uplifting and resolving is what we do. Supporting and talking is this what we do? Advocating rights like a big white light full of hope and positivity.

Destroying the inner saboteur is a skill that is learned by many. Working as a collective like the local beehive invented during the honey glazed days, beaming all week long. The cat’s fur is soft as anything that a cat connoisseur can envision.

The midnight sky is when cats can fly, but what is their day job you are asking? The shining pearl that is her glittering eye is visible even from the garden decking. The other cat’s aristocratic gait was peculiar to say the least, still fluffy and round and always there for you.

Through the swamp of negativity lies the thought of positivity, like two sides and the balance that flows in between.

Now I shall ask you, do the cat’s look as if they do admin too you?


Are Panda’s Advocates?

Pandas: fluffy and cute.

The stuff of legends representing the good that is in this world, you can count on pandas to advocate for the people in our world.

Humans and animals, what is the connection? None I say as having the best interests is key to the answer, along with adhering to the advocacy charter.

We always have hope as hope is like the sun: visible one minute and gone the next one.

The mixtures of collaboration to achieve what they want.

Not being listened too, pushed aside from those who are supposed to help us. We are here representing you like the way of a panda.




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