We work to tackle the stigma that surrounds loneliness 

Empowerment has a creative and innovative response to people who are experiencing loneliness through social isolation. We often work with people who feel they can’t make a connection that is meaningful in their life. We journey alongside that person to help see what is needed to get back onto the path they feel most connected. Working with kindness, we make gentle suggestion and use lived experience to demonstrate what can be achieved.

We want to work together to challenge the unconnected systems that contribute to loneliness and advocate for those who feel they have no voice. Below are ways in which you can connect with us.

Celebration of Life Event

Empowerment has partnered with Blackpool Council to create the Celebration of Life event for people in our community who have experienced bereavement through suicide.

The event is the first of its kind for Blackpool and will be held at Blackpool Cricket Club on Saturday 21 May from 1pm until 3pm. It aims to give a space for people in our community to reflect on the lives lost to suicide as well as launching a series of regular, weekly activities.

There will be a variety of short talks during the afternoon including a reading from Layton Library Manager Jane Berry, a safe space to share personal life stories for reflection and celebration as well as the chance to meet new people.

In addition, there will be support from AMPARO and local therapeutic counsellor Sarah Thornley. The faith forum members have also been invited.

~Working with Blackpool Library Service, we are launching a new reading group called ‘Turning the Page’ at Layton Library on Wednesday 4 May 2pm – 3pm. The group will meet weekly and take inspiration, kindness and lived experience stories from books available to take away from the library.

~‘Seaside Strollers’ is a walk and talk group launching on Thursday 5 May 1-3pm at the Empowerment Charity Base. The group will be facilitated by Active Blackpool and we are encouraging people to come for a stroll through Bispham and back to Empowerment for a brew at Elliot’s Place building that sits within the Empowerment grounds.

~An exclusive one-off art workshop held at community café ‘Curiositea’ in Layton on Thursday 12th May where we will encourage people to share their favourite food stories and recipes. These recipes will then create a free to all ‘Comfort Food’ book, celebrating those memories and special times. Blackpool Adult Learning will facilitate further workshops in the summer using recipes from this book.

Please contact Linzi here for more detail

Elliot’s Place Project

Elliot’s Place Project is a community of men who, through peer support, work together to tackle the stigma around feelings of mental ill health and suicide. 

In 2021 friends, family and the community of Blackpool came together to raise money to help build a support space, specifically for young men, who are struggling with their mental health. The space created at the Empowerment Sanctuary garden is called ‘Elliot’s Place’ in memory of Elliot Taylor, who tragically lost his life to suicide after battling with mental health and having nowhere to turn for immediate help.

Social isolation can be one of the various key factors to suicide and Elliot’s Place will provide a safe space for young men to access support and gain meaningful connections within their community. Elliot’s Place will therefore help young men to make connections through activity or whatever way they feel comfortable to help them on their personal journey. 

To make an enquiry about Elliot’s Place please click here.

Claremont Chatty Cafe

Monday 11am – 1pm at Claremont Park Community Centre.

This group started at Christmas 2021 when a few people from our other group expressed they find it tough over the festive period being alone. The group have flourished and now welcome anyone to join in for a brew and bacon butty.

We are currently recruiting for this position so please check back to see updates on times and activities. We will be moving from two days a week (Chatty Cafe + Digital Dudues) to four days a week! 

This group are always looking for new members living in Claremont!

To get involved please contact the Engagement Officer Here 

Digital Dudes

Tuesday 1pm – 3pm at Claremont Park Community Centre

Digital Dudes is a project to engage men who are digitally excluded living in the Claremont Ward of Blackpool.

Set up during the coronavirus pandemic, local outreach workers found there was a need for men to engage back into the community who had been digitally excluded during this time. In November 2020 BESS took over the project building on the online social activities for the participants. Since then the group has grown in size and they have been sea fishing as well as hosting a community BBQ at the Community Centre. 

This group are always looking for new members living in Claremont!

To get involved please contact the Engagement Officer Here 

The BESS Service Team 

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