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Connor Hardwick talks to Empowerment about his best friend Elliot Taylor

and the challenge of a lifetime

Elliot was one of my best friends throughout the entirety of our childhood. He was incredibly funny, extremely talented and a very intelligent person. I always remember him being ‘good’ at everything. When he wanted to learn to play guitar, he’d do it in 2 weeks. When he wanted to get good grades, he’d get an A*. He always carried an amazing mindset with him and it was amazing to spectate.

At 24 years old, he had his whole life ahead of him. Last year, he sadly took his own life after suffering with his mental health. This was a wake up call to everyone who knew Elliot and a realisation that something needed to be put in place locally to try to prevent this from happening again.

Van sorted, hiking gear ordered, route locked in!

In a few weeks time a group of friends and I will be climbing the first of The National 3 Peaks: Ben Nevis – Highest in Scotland, Scafell – Highest in England and Snowdon – Highest in Wales. Ryan and I (pictured) have set the challenge of completing this challenge in under 24 hours, starting from the first ascent of Ben Nevis to the summit of Snowdon.

So far we have raised £1090 and our goal is to raise £2000, if you would like to donate please click here

The hike will be completed to raise money for ‘Elliot’s Place’ set up by Empowerment, a mental health charity located in Blackpool. Elliot’s Place, a community hub where men living in Blackpool can go to share their feelings in a safe and supportive environment, will hopefully help save other young lives. This is going to be a support service for young men. It’s somewhere men can go in the day without being referred. Somewhere they will be listened to and supported. This is something that is heavily needed in today’s climate.



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