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Community engagement officer John Benson speaks about the big BBQ at Claremont Park Community Centre with the Claremont Digital Library Men’s Group.

One sunny day in July the Claremont Digital Library Men’s group hosted a BBQ. The idea came about from the men who wanted to come together and use the garden space they had been working on for weeks. This is where the planning started!

Claremont digital library men’s group meet at the Claremont Park Community centre every Tuesday at 1 o’clock since moving recently from on line to face-to-face – Life after lockdown.

When chatting together about the plans for our BBQ, we realised the garden was first priority as lockdown had left it over grown and the gardening group were finding it tough to get back on top of it all again. The group decided to start by helping to get the garden up to scratch and do there bit to help out.

While tending to the garden, they used there devices to look up flowers and take pictures of the gardens progression. David one of the members helped to replant some flower boxes that where to be rehomed all around the Claremont area and he did the job with pride.

On the day of the BBQ it was amazing! People that had once not known each other were eating burgers chatting and giggling together as if old friends. Some of these guys had not left the house during lockdown because of one reason or another.

A few of the guys came with salads made with things from their own garden and everyone contributed so we could buy the meats and buns.

On the day we received comments such as: “I really look forward to group, there is a great atmosphere and I am so glad I came. It is the highlight of my week”

With some of the people who attend it is there only contact with others out of their home, so we knew how important it was to them to get this right.

One of the participants said that after the group BBQ he had the best sleep in a long time which was lovely to hear.

The Claremont Digital Library helps men in the Claremont ward of Blackpool to connect again with each other using digital as a way to learn new things.

Each month we hope to go on one trip out of the area so as to strengthen these friendship bonds.

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