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Empowerment’s Blackpool Advocacy Hub celebrated its first full year of operation on 24th July 2018. Empowerment is really proud of the fact that it has successfully set up and delivered Blackpool’s very first ‘Single Point of Access’ for all of Blackpool’s Health and Social Care Advocacy Services.


Our team of highly skilled and experienced advocates offer free, independent and confidential support to Blackpool residents who need help having their voice heard in relation to their health and social care needs. Advocacy is supporting people to have their views listened to, their rights upheld, and to make sure they are treated fairly by services. The seven different types of advocacy we provide are:

In the last year the Blackpool Advocacy Hub has received an astonishing 1550 referrals. I would like to thank each one of the team led by Diana Evans (Blackpool Advocacy Hub Manager) for their amazing work over the past year with some of Blackpool’s most vulnerable people.

We are of course looking forward to the next year and planning lots of improvements to the way we do things. Our approach going forward will be to involve the people who use our advocacy services at the heart of everything we do! If you would like to find out more please go to:



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Business Hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm.

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