#BESS Pledge

BESS has an ambitious vision of a Fylde Coast where the scourge of loneliness caused by social isolation is eradicated from our communities, forever!

The BESS Pledge is a tool that we are asking employers in Blackpool to sign up to so that they are raising awareness and are proud to recognise and understand that social isolation and loneliness is something that anyone can experience. By signing the pledge, they are offering employees time to come together once a month for a social activity within work time. This helps to build meaningful connections and reduce feelings of isolation during work times amongst employees.

In return employees will then offer customers time to get to know them personally as a regular visitor to their workplace. By doing this they are committed to signpost people to other social activities and events happening in the area and make those social connections with those who may be at risk of being lonely through social isolation.

By helping those who are lonely you are in turn helping yourself to be less lonely. Sharing experiences can lay the foundations for strong relationships within the community – loneliness does not discriminate and there is a huge misconception that people who are lonely are certain groups of people but it is not. It is everyone.

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