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The BESS knitting group started a few weeks before the Covid-19 lock down emerged, leaving the people who attended to knit at home alone.

After a few weeks of attending the virtual coffee morning, it was clear we had to start a new group to facilitate the knitters. If not only because the rest of the group had no idea what cast on and off meant, as well as the technical details of getting a 6×6 square exact using a 6inch hook!

On Wednesday 6th May the group started and we have decided to make a group contribution to the Blackpool Teaching Hospital memorial rainbow they are constructing once Covid-19 has gone. This isn’t the first time the knitters have taken part in the Hospitals efforts to bring the knitting community together as most donated poppies for the remembrance memorial last year.

We will also be creating a memorial at the Empowerment Base where the knitting club will be meeting each week once the pandemic is over.

Interest from local TV channel ‘That’s Lancashire’ as also introduced new members to the group with one lady tuning in from her home near Heathrow Airport.

If you would like to join in the group we meet each Wednesday 2-3pm on Zoom. The ID is 626-632-800 password is NHS. Here is the interview with BESS coordinator Linzi:



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