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In the previous BLOG, we explained why we had become a Time to Change Employer and the things we had done since. In this BLOG we are going to talk about what has changed since? Time to Change is about changing the culture of an organisation so that mental health is no longer stigmatised in the workplace.

Well, the main changes we have seen are:

  1. Staff including the CEO openly talking about their own experiences of mental illness
  2. Colleagues when ringing in sick stating that it is due to a mental health issue
  3. Several staff have worked flexibly sometimes on reduced hours during periods of mental illness
  4. Staff regularly using the Time to Talk Room to offload and share with a colleague when they are having mental health issues such as anxiety.
  5. The last staff survey clearly showed that staff greatly appreciated the Time to Change culture which meant they didn’t need to hide a vital part of who they are.
  6. Five members of staff have now volunteered to become passionate and active Time to Change Champions to continue to embed the Time to Change culture within Empowerment.

So, these are some of the practical changes which have occurred which are all very positive. However, what is really significant is that our sickness rates have gone down, our staff retention levels are very high and we are exceeding all of our targets and outcomes. We have also continued to grow and expand as a charity increasing our turnover by £175,000 in 2018-2019.

Therefore, it goes to show that creating an organisational culture whereby the stigma of mental illness is removed from the workplace does not in any way affect the productivity or performance of an organisation. We are so proud to be a Time to Change Employer, we would like other employers in Blackpool to sign up to the pledge too!

For more info please click on the following link:- Time to Change Employer

Or alternatively if you would like to ring Jamie or Mike at Empowerment on 0300 32 32 100 (local rate call) and we would love to tell you more. We will be offering 1:1 advice suggestions for you and your organisation and of course you will be welcome to visit us here to find out more about becoming a Time to Change Employer.



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