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When Stephen first started at Empowerment as a volunteer, he wasn’t very confident, didn’t do much at home and also didn’t like being pushed out of his comfort zone here.

However, during his time with us, we have watched him grow before our very eyes, into a confident and funny person who makes everyone’s day so much brighter when he is here. He has been pushed out of his comfort zone by doing more and more new tasks at work, he has attended Learning Disability events where he was even confident enough to ask our Senior Advocate, Georgie Kidd to dance!! Stephen also attended the Christmas party which he has said in the past that he would never feel happy or confident enough to come too. On multiple times when we have been out he has said “this has been the best day/night of my life, I have had a wonderful time” which is an absolutely heart-warming thing for us to hear.

All of his hard work and determination to learn new things has paid off. He has wanted a paid job for a while, and last week he went to an interview to be a paid Carer and he has got the job. He is so pleased with himself and is just beaming from ear to ear with the fact that he was confident enough to do this. The great news for us is that he is still able to come and volunteer here with us at Empowerment.

If any of you ever wonder why having volunteers in is a fantastic idea, you really have to look no further than Stephen.

We are still striving to make the Empowerment Base……. A Volunteer-Filled Space. If you know anyone that we could help flourish like Stephen or that wants to volunteer to give back PLEASE send them our way.



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