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Why Advocacy is more relevant now in 2020 than ever before

In 2018 members of the Blackpool Advocacy Hub and Mike Crowther CEO Empowerment, attended the National Advocacy Conference in Birmingham.

The theme was ‘Be a Force for Change’ and it was quite fitting that our long standing volunteer Michael was nominated and shortlisted for the category of Best Supporter.

Despite being up against some real stiff competition – he won!

The video above was shown at the conference and evokes feelings of doing our best for people and supporting them on their journey to ensure they have their voices heard.

We have chosen to share this video now because we feel that Advocacy is needed now more than ever during this uncertain time for people.

Advocacy exists because people are not always listened too and people are currently in a unique vulnerable place where their rights have been taken away from them. This cannot be done in a blanket fashion due to the Coronavirus pandemic and must be looked at in a person centered way.

Let’s be united in our efforts to make sure people are heard!



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