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A Letter of Thanks to the Team

We asked the people we work with for positive new stories, comments and feedback and one person sent the most lovely letter to the team that we wanted to share with you.

Dear Empowerment and who it may concerned,

I am writing this to thank you, Ben Johnson and team for the support shown to me in the last couple of years.

It was amazing to have been given such support from you all at Empowerment, Ben Johnson is an incredible Peer mentor, with him I have met many people, other peer mentors from your team and Sarah my talking therapist calm chair lady from your team.

During our walk and talks and meet ups Ben took me to places I would be wishing to attend as I don’t find going to places easy at all, and all the team members I have met through Ben have a beautiful manner, showing me much kindness and care during a time before Covid that was extremely difficult for me and even with Covid restrictions making things extremely difficult for us all this past year.

I lost my mums last year in April after a long illness and 3 months in hospital she past away, Ben was with me on the phone calling me to make sure I was ok and safe, even with half the country between us he made me feel he was right along side me through this time, I am still coming to terms with the passing of mum but he helped me so much and when I returned from London after laying mum to rest, he was there supporting me and then taking me to STAR truely finding me somewhere I love to be again in a community setting, I now am volunteering for STAR ⭐ Blackpool, and this is because Ben helped me to go to places and groups I had interest in like Art and coffee mornings at Claremont with STAR.

Ben is an amazing fella, he also is a wonderful Peer support worker, supporter and a wonderful friend to have in the world around you 100 per cent.

Thank You Ben Johnson, thank you for introducing me to Johnny, Patricia, Jody, Sarah, Thank You also to all those guys I have mentioned, Love them all lots.

Thank You Empowerment Team 

Your needed in our community, I know cos I needed you and you, amongst others were there to help and support me, Thank You So Much 

Kindest Regards to You All



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